Play Or Die

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Rave Or Die is proud to announce the launch of its first mobile game “Play Or Die”! The game is planned to be on App Store in few weeks. Also on Google Store later on.

We have made this game in collaboration with Pixelgate Studios.

This is a classic arcade game with an easy gameplay.
We have crafted every single pixel to give you the best game we have ever made.

Become a Rave Or Die DJ and fight against the digital invasion to preserve analog sound!

– Swipe UP from the DJ’s turntable to send vinyls
– Keep your finger pressed on the turntables to charge up your vinyl’s power
– Destroy enemies and collect power ups
– Each 10 level you will be challenged by an epic boss!
– Earn coins at the end of each game
– Unlock new vinyl’s skins using your coins
– Use your coins to unlock some exclusive tracks produced by Rave Or Die!
– Complete challenges to win more coins

Special 8 bits sound design by Umwelt (available for free on Bandcamp).



Available soon on: