D Carbone / Umwelt – RAVE OR DIE – ROD12
Napolitan Techno DJ and heavyweight producer Davide Carbone invests French Rave Or Die Records for the very first time!

Multiplying records and collaborations just like Mike Tyson was multiplying uppercuts,he is the co-owner of Repitch Recordings, Cosmo Rhythmatic and 3TH Records and owner of Carbone Records.
He introduces with “Dive Or Die” on A side a speed yet straight to the dancefloor tune based upon transey acid lines a la Steve Stoll or Leo Anibaldi and aerial melodies. Combined to dark effects, this nostalgic song Made in Italy appears as an authentic Rave anthem from back in the glorious days!

On the flipside, ROD mastermind and dancefloors veteran Umwelt delivers a shaking, hefty and tremendous cut. Named with suitability “Tremblements”, the jam signs a fascinating ode to smoking warehouses and illegal parties. Metallic pads over no mercy beats fused into industrialized synths and screaming atmospheres characterize this this dark as hell cut interspersed with counter breaks a la The Mover.

Dark, groovy and noisy at the same, two massive absolute bangers with old school roots on ROD twelve release!

By the way, if you wonder the significance of the signs on the Rave Or Die logo in the labels, they are taken from the Hobo Code and mean “Keep away, Cops Active, Unsafe Area”. You’ll be warned!

.Cat: ROD12
A – D​.​Carbone “Dive or Die”
B – Umwelt “Tremblement”
.Release Date: 2019
.Format: 10″ color + digit
.Artwork: Chris Nexus 6
.Distribution: Triple Vision

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