Marc Acardipane, Mental Fear Productions, Dave Tarrida & Umwelt  “Rave Encounter Volume 2” – RAVE OR DIE – ROD2020-2
French ROD imprint returns with the second chapter of his “Rave Encounter” trilogy, featuring four original and exclusive bangers packed in another collectible 2×10”!

Frankfurt legend Marc Acardipane aka The Mover, boss of the label Planet Phuture, engages hostilities. On A side he signs an hardcore ode to the label! Powerful breakbeat rhythms melt with hitting lines turn this “Rave Or Die” cut into a true underground and classic anthem. Insane!

On the flip, German J. Lindenthal & R. Russino from Mental Fear Productions go dark with implacable “Constant Sorrow”. This tune is a hypnotic yet doom-like song that fits pretty well to this odd period we are all living.

On the C side, Scottish Dave Tarrida (boss of Sativae) signs his second contribution to ROD. Punishing “Rave Death Cult” skilfully combines bleepy tones to raging spirit for the greatest happiness of your neighbours!

Last but not the least, ROD mastermind Umwelt concludes the compilation in apotheosis with the rollin’ “Chaos & Mayhem”, a tense, brutal and oldschool masterpiece full of early 90’s sounds.

If you enjoyed the first opus of “Rave Encounter”, you’ll 100% dig this brain-melting new release that goes further into murky industrial rave waters.

.Cat: ROD2020-2
A- Marc Acardipane “Rave Or Die” / B- Mental Fear Productions “Constant Sorrow”
C- Dave Tarrida “Rave Death Cult” / D- Umwelt “Chaos And Mayhem”
.Release Date: 2020
.Format: 2×10″ colored + digital
.Artwork: Shadow Entity
.Distribution : Triple Vision

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