RAVEXISTENCE: The Hacker, David Carretta, Terence Fixmer, Umwelt – RAVE OR DIE – ROD16
Rave Or Die’s sixteenth release signs a 100% frenchies masterpiece that will leave you breathless! As an absolute must-have for anyone who loves old-school music, this collectible double 12″ features tracks from techno pioneers The Hacker, David Carretta, Terence Fixmer and Umwelt.

Characterized by a fierce atmosphere over a classic Rave construction, The Hacker’s high-energy “Reactor” on A side signs a nod to Circuit Breaker style. No doubt it will get your blood pumping!

David Carretta on the flip injects some New Beat and electro touches on his 4/4 flying gem, adding a unique flavor to the LP. Gold “Invasive Machinery” sounds like the perfect example of how the old and new can come together to create something beautiful.

Terence Fixmer’s “Detune My Brain” coming next is a milestone of a banger, with modulated vocals fusing into a sonic assault of mental acid sororities propelled by pounding beats. Ace!

Lastly, ROD mastermind Umwelt signs with analog “Mind War Acid,” a vibrant tribute to Chaos A.D.’s “Mind War Electro” on Rephlex. This absolute tour de force driven by an insane 303 will make you want to dance until the end of world thanks to its gloomy and apocalyptic melodies.

Each track on this compilation is unique for sure, but they all come together to create an unforgettable listening experience covering every shade of the techno spectrum. Don’t sleep on this one!